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Rear Mount Pumpers

Rear Mount Pumpers

Rosenbauer is the industry leader of custom-built rear mount apparatus. Each truck is completely customized based on your department’s specifications.

The potential of reducing your overall vehicle length can be realized with a Rosenbauer rear mount pumper. Eliminating the large traditional pump house allows for a more maneuverable apparatus, as well as additional area for equipment storage. Pump control panel locations can be either on the operator’s back or curbside.

Many departments utilize a Rosenbauer pump, which provides exceptional capacity to flow multiple diameter hose lines from one pump simultaneously.

If your operation is in need of a pumper within a reduced timeframe, Rosenbauer offers Rapid Response Series commercial or custom mid mount pumpers. These fire trucks utilize either the Freightliner M2-106 chassis with a 350 hp engine, or the Commander custom chassis with 450 hp engine. Departments can then select premium apparatus options such as painted-roll up doors, adding a foam system or custom striping.

While our rear mount pumpers are completely customizable, we offer two commercial pumper variations: the Maverick and the Timberwolf.

Maverick: When you’re in an area without hydrants, this is the pumper tanker you need. Holding up to 2,000 gallons and with a 1250 GPM pump, the Maverick can handle most situations. It is an excellent initial attack pumper tanker. The Maverick is a great apparatus concept for areas where mutual aid makes up a fair number of fire calls, with a fire truck that can be assigned to either water shuttle duty or if an additional pumper is needed.

Timberwolf: The ultimate urban interface vehicle, the Timberwolf is designed to meet both the requirements of a Type 1 structural pumper and a Type 3 off-road, wildland fire-fighting vehicle. With a 1000 GPM multi-stage pump and a 750 gallon water tank, the Rosenbauer Timberwolf delivers the performance to meet the complex challenge of fire fighting. The design was constructed for extreme-duty applications, superior pumping capability with high flow, high pressure and foam applications, user friendly design with simple to operate pump controls and rescue style body for all kinds of equipment storage.

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Rear Mount Pumper Specifications

TRUCKS Mid-Mount Rear-Mount Top-Mount
CUSTOM CHASSISCommander, Avenger, WarriorCommander, Avenger, WarriorCommander, Avenger, Warrior
COMMERCIAL CHASSISAll major manufacturersAll major manufacturersAll major manufacturers
BODYEXT, FX, FL, MP3, TP3, RP3EXT, FX, RP3, TimberwolfEXT, FX, RP3, Timberwolf
BODY MATERIAL“Aluminum: 1/8”” or 3/16"”“Aluminum: 1/8”” or 3/16"”“Aluminum: 1/8”” or 3/16"”
COMPARTMENT HEIGHTSteel: 10 or 12 Gauge”Steel: 10 or 12 Gauge”Steel: 10 or 12 Gauge”
COMPARTMENT DEPTH72” max72” max72” max
PUMP CAPACITY RANGE26” max26” max26” max
PUMP MANUFACTURERS250 – 2000 GPM250 – 2000 GPM250 – 2000 GPM
CONTROL LOCATIONRosenbauer, Hale, Darley, Waterous
Operators, curbside
Rosenbauer, Hale, Darley, Waterous
Operators, curbside
Rosenbauer, Hale, Darley, Waterous
Top Internal, Top External

Rear Mount Pumper Features

Fully Customizable Bodies
Rosenbauer’s EXT, FX, and CT bodies are fully-customizable and are available in 1/8” or 3/16” aluminum or stainless steel. State-of-the-art body electrical wiring reduces service time and money.
Hendrickson STEERTEK NXT
STEERTEK™ NXT High capacity fabricated steer axle system is optimized for maximum performance and comfort. Integrated with Hendrickson parabolic springs, this system delivers true suspension efficiency for demanding fire and rescue.
CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber (Patent Pending)
Rosenbauer’s CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber reduces exposures of carcinogenic toxins to keep your crews safe. CleanAir uses two types of filters to trap particulates and change the chemistry of volatile organic compounds into a benign gas.
RDT | Rapid Deploy Tray
In an effort to keep your crew as effective as possible, Rosenbauer engineered the Rapid Deploy Tray (RDT), which is deployable from the chassis cab after the apparatus park brake is set.
RDL | Rapid Deploy Light
Rosenbauer's Rapid Deploy Light (RDL) is an air actuated, smart enabled LED scene light tower capable of reaching 20'.
EZ Slide 2.0
Rosenbauer's self-fabricated cargo slide heavy-duty equipment tray rated up to 500#. EZ Slide's tray deck height is 1.5" from the compartment floor. Available in depths of 13 3/8" up to 90".
Rosenbauer Rising Stem Handwheel Valve Control
Rosenbauer's exclusive Rising Stem Handwheel Valve Control precisely controls pressure, and may be used on any valve.

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