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The ultimate urban interface vehicle, the Timberwolf is designed to meet both the requirements of a Type 1 structural pumper and a Type 3 off-road, wildland fire-fighting vehicle. With a 1000 GPM multi-stage pump and a 750 gallon water tank, the Rosenbauer Timberwolf delivers the performance to meet the complex challenge of fire fighting. The design was constructed for extreme-duty applications, superior pumping capability with high flow, high pressure and foam applications, user friendly design with simple to operate pump controls and rescue style body for all kinds of equipment storage.

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Timberwolf Features

Fully Customizable Bodies
Rosenbauer’s EXT, FX, and CT bodies are fully-customizable and are available in 1/8” or 3/16” aluminum or stainless steel. State-of-the-art body electrical wiring reduces service time and money.
CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber (Patent Pending)
Rosenbauer’s CleanAir Recirculation Air Scrubber reduces exposures of carcinogenic toxins to keep your crews safe. CleanAir uses two types of filters to trap particulates and change the chemistry of volatile organic compounds into a benign gas.
RDL | Rapid Deploy Light
Rosenbauer's Rapid Deploy Light (RDL) is an air actuated, smart enabled LED scene light tower capable of reaching 20'.
EZ Slide 2.0
Rosenbauer's self-fabricated cargo slide heavy-duty equipment tray rated up to 500#. EZ Slide's tray deck height is 1.5" from the compartment floor. Available in depths of 13 3/8" up to 90".
Rosenbauer Rising Stem Handwheel Valve Control
Rosenbauer's exclusive Rising Stem Handwheel Valve Control precisely controls pressure, and may be used on any valve.



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